Subway tickets for the Hibiya line on the Tokyo Metro subway.

These ticket holders aren’t the most convenient thing, but my wife found them to be appropriately adorable.

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Most Japanese people’s first exposure to the US comes in the form of Hawaii, so there’s a lot of romanticism about Hawaii in Japan.  Especially when it comes to food.

Which is why a can of SPAM is almost $12.

We attended the Dallas Comic-Con yesterday and someone parked their car RIGHT OUTSIDE of the venue like a buncha jerks.  

I know, not Japan, but still cool.  

These are all iPad sized, 1024x1024.  I did some tweaks and coloring for the right look.  If anyone knows this guy… I’m gonna key his car if I see him do such an inconvenient parking job again.  :P

Plant from the Kyoto imperial garden

Really tiny exhibit of tiny flowers with a tiny village.  This was done in Meiji Shrine on the walk to the actual shrine itself

It looked as thought there was an ukyo-e exhibit showcasing parody Japanese historical art with cats someplace in Tpkyo. I wish I’d known about it sooner, I totally would’ve gone, but we spotted this on our last day there

A little late for mothers day, but you can always have some love in your heart for Mums.

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Subway. Hibiya line to Akihabara.

Spiderman, spiderman, eats takoyaki like a spider can!

From an omiyage store in Osaka. They should’ve had Takoyaki in the Avengers movie. Not shwarma.

The second of my iPhone wallpapers of Kinkakuji. Or for android. Whatever. It’s pretty on any screen.

Teenage Mutant Nara Turtles!

From Nara Park. These unmutated turtles are park scenery and not pizza chomping warriors.

Kinkakuji as a smartphone wallpaper! Shot it at 18MP, so it scales well. I have another of these to post tomorrow from a wider angle.